#TwoToTangle September 2018 Edition

Here you find the resources to the #TwoToTangle September 2018 Meetup in Bolzano Bozen

Download the presentation here: 201809_EN_IOTA_TwoToTangle_Public

Here is the #TwoToTangle Meetup program:

18:00 Welcome and get together
18:20 Let’s talk about IOTA – with your host Antonio Nardella (IOTA Evangelist)
19:20 Open discussion and fade out
20:00 Official end of the Meetup

Here is the list of the #TwoToTangle Meetup topics:

  • Puzzle Pieces
  • The Tangle
  • The IOTA Foundation and the goals
  • Ecosystem and cooperation
  • What is going on

Links to information in the presentation:


Ecosystem and Cooperations

What is going on

Meetup Relevant Projects

Not in the presentation:




Register here.

*Disclaimer: This collection of links/projects/information on this page is purely informative.  I’m NOT giving any FINANCIAL or INVESTMENT advice in any imaginable form or way!


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